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2014 Competition Information – CCEI Startup Challenge

The CCEI Startup Challenge is an initiative composed of a student idea pitch competition, and a traditional written business plan competition. On a college campus, ideas are sprung constantly, but not all of them come to fruition.  It is the CCEI’s intention to offer programming that helps identify student entrepreneurs and bring them together, and to get them to think creatively about new business ideas.  Initiatives like the CCEI Startup Challenge encourage students to really develop these ideas, and see how far they can take them.


Startup Challenge Pitch Competition – Event Details & Information

Date: April 7th, 2014, 6:00pm

Location: UConn Storrs Campus – ITEB (Information Technologies Engineering Building – basement level) – Room C-80

Length: 90 seconds (followed by 1-3 minutes of Q&A

Prizes:Ten prizes of $1000 each

The CCEI Startup Challenge Pitch Competition is an event where $10,000 in prize money will be awarded to individuals or teams across multiple categories.  Individuals or teams can pitch more than one idea, and you could win in more than one category.  This competition is open to all UConn Students (all majors, levels, campuses), and the idea can be for anything – we encourage you to get creative!  Five of the prize categories are listed below; the other five will be revealed at the event. Pitches will be limited to 90 seconds, and will be followed by up to two minutes of Q&A.  Have an idea?  Pitch it!

NOTE: Participants will sign up to pitch upon arrival, and present in the order of the sign up sheet.

First Five Prize Categories Revealed:

  • Best Pitch Presentation
  • Best Product/Invention Idea
  • Best Mobile App Idea
  • Most Socially Responsible Idea
  • Best College Targeted Idea (“Most Likely to Succeed at UConn”)

HELPFUL NOTE: Here are just SOME things the Judges will consider:

  • What is the problem your idea is addressing?
  • Why do you have the best solution?
  • Who is the target market?  How will you reach them?
  • Who are your competitors? Why are you better?
  • Who is your team?
  • Overall pitch presentation – was the idea clearly expressed?  Was it presented in a creative or innovative matter?


1. Entrants (or at least one team member) must be a current UConn student, and the UConn student(s) must present the pitch – non-UConn students will not be allowed to present.
2. Pitches are limited to 90 seconds – no presentations (ex. PowerPoint, Prezi), but props are OK.

3. Winning pitches will be determined by, and are at the sole discretion of the judges.  Judges will be evaluating both the content and delivery of the pitches.

4. Cash prizes will not be distributed at the competition – monetary awards will be processed through the UConn system and delivered after the competition.  Prizes will only be paid to UConn students, and if there are multiple team members, the prize will be split evenly between team members.  (If a winning team contains a non-UConn student, the team will be responsible for distributing prize money to that individual[s] after it is paid to the UConn students).

CCEI Startup Challenge Pitch Competition Organizers and Judges:

  • Student/Recent Grad Judges: TBA
  • Kathryn Huntington ’06; Administrative Coordinator, CCEI

Questions?  Please email Katie Huntington (


Startup Challenge Strategy Competition – Event Details and Information

Strategy Competition
Submissions Due April 14th
Finalists’ Presentations: April 21st, 5:30pm
School of Business Board Room

The CCEI will host the Startup Strategy Competition as part of the two-event Startup Challenge Initiative. Building off the energy of the Pitch Competition, the Strategy Challenge is a written business strategy competition where the judges will  review specific elements of the business idea.   Interdisciplinary teams are encouraged, and provide the benefit if distinct yet complementary skillsets, knowledge, and perspectives. There are no restrictions on subject matter or theme – plans for any type of product, innovation, or service are acceptable.

Entries will be reviewed and judged by experienced professional entrepreneur mentors, and a maximum of 10 finalists will be selected to present their idea to the judging panel.  The presentations will be held April 21st, and competitors will be allowed 10 minutes to present their ideas and five minutes of questions by the judges.  The top winners of the Strategy Competition will receive monetary prizes.

This competition is open to all UConn students – all majors, levels, and campuses are welcome, and encouraged to participate.  Please see the competition entry details below:

Written Entries Due: April 14th, 2014 (11:59PM)

Finalists’ Presentations: April 21st, 2014 (start time 5:30pm)

Length: 5 pages maximum, plus 1 appendix page (optional)
     NOTE: Minimum font size no smaller than “11”.

 PrizesTotal prize money to be awarded is $40,000.

First Place: $20,000
Second Place: $10,000
Third Place: $5,000
Honorable Mention (2 prizes): $2,500 each

How to EnterOfficial competition entries may be emailed to – please write “COMPETITION ENTRY” in the subject line.

Outline of Required Information, and suggested page lengths:

Executive Summary — One or two paragraphs introducing your innovation.

Product — what is it that you are developing or proposing, and why is it significant, distinctive, desirable.  What will it cost you to make it and how much can you sell it for?  How long will it take to get the innovation set for market and what steps do you need to undertake to make this happen. (one page maximum)

Market — what is the size of the overall market, who makes up the target market for your innovation, how do you plan to reach them (marketing and promotion) and what will they pay for your innovation (technology, product or service). (one page maximum)

Competitors — who and what else is out here? Why are you better? (suggested length – half page)

Team — who is your team, and how will you be able to develop and market your innovation.  (suggested length – quarter page)

CCEI Startup Strategy Competiton Rules 2014  CCEI Startup Challenge Strategy Competition “Information & Rules Document”

Questions? Please email Katie Huntington (